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Dalma Electronics L.L.C is the leading company in consumer electronics, broadcasting & media equipment's and I.T Solutions.

Company is also known in market for providing the best service, solutions and latest technology.

Most our clients repeats one sentence every time we finish the project "dalma always one step ahead" so we decided to use this as company slogan.

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About Us

Company profile

Dalma Electronics LLC is the leading distributor of broadcast, media, audio/video & professional Video equipment’s, & Consumer Electronics and I. T solution in the MENA regions based in U.A.E. Years of experience in sales and service Dalma provides a full inventory of the latest, quality equipment and a well-trained and monitored staff in the sales and customer service areas as well as in the technical field. Dalma has three primary departments: Professional Audio/Video, Media Broadcast, Consumer Electronics & I.T distribution with resources.

Professional Video/Video & Broadcast Equipment:

Dalma offer high quality products and services with specialization in broadcasting equipment ranging from latest professional cameras, high speed cameras, top-end Camera Support Systems, wireless transmission technology, the full spectrum of lighting solutions, post Production and play out systems, Broadcast Communication equipment, High-end Monitors, Teleprompters, Lenses, Bags, Power Solutions, support gear such as tripods and bags.

Consumer Electronics:

dalma Electronics L.L.C is your source for today’s leading brands in the consumer electronics, mobile accessories, gadgets, apple products and home accessories categories. We represent a diverse portfolio of products, promoting high end brands and family fun with the highest brand name recognition. With todays increasingly busy lifestyles, we all desire activities and products that get us outdoors or allow us to spend more time with family and friends.

I.T Solution:

dalma Electronics L.L.C indirectly deal with few brands like HP, Dell, Apple and stockiest for HP Servers and server Accessories. Apart from that company also deal with storage like WD, Seagate, Lacie and Sandisk

We Do

Project Management:

Leave the details to us. Our effective project management lets you focus on your team and your message.

IT Services:

We approach these IT services with the same passion for service and excellence with which we serve the rest of our markets.

Technical Planning:

dalma ensures that everything works together and that your creative vision is achieved.

Equipment Rental:

With our proven track record of equipment’s knowledge and state of the art inventory.

Labor Management:

We will manage the procurement of your labor, ensuring that the event is properly staffed with the client’s budget in mind.

Contact Us

Office Address:

Office 4, ground floor, Sharjah Islamic bank, Al wasit rd, Al Khazemia,
P.O.Box: 78667, Sharjah United Arab Emirates.

+971 6 5513076 www.dalma.ae info@dalma.ae